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The Point of Exercising

Regular exercise has multiple useful effects on our body, when it comes to losing weight. Exercising provides good feedback for our biological clock, which causes digestive- and burning processes to proceed more effectively. Besides, moving around suppresses our feeling of hunger, probably because our ancestors found it hard to hunt or gather food on an empty stomach.


The External Cortex

There exists a fourth area of the brain that is involved in your body weight: the external cortex. The external cortex is different from the other three, since you won’t find it in your head, but maybe on the couch, next to you, or on social media. Because the external cortex has many guises.

Der Hamster im Kopf


Eine neue Methode für langfristigen Gewichtsverlust.
Das digitale Begleitprogramm zum Buch 
Der Hamster im Kopf