A positive step
every day

A unique online routine to be permanently fit,
in just 10 minutes a day.

After our program:

Lasting results

Scientifically based

Making conscious choices

No restictive diets

Learning new routines

This digital support program helps you gradually gain control over your weight. Through the daily small exercises of the program, you increase your awareness of your own behavior regarding:

  • Nutrition
  • Exercise
  • Sleep
  • Relaxation

This helps to achieve slower, but permanent weight loss in the longer term.

Not satisfied after 14 days?
Money back guarantee

  • Get motivated with daily exercises
  • You will get a good feel for how it works
  • 14 day money back guarantee

Choose the program
that fits you

Get to know the Hamster

12 weeks

Get to know the Hamster and start your journey towards new desirable routines over a 12-week period.

  • One daily exercise
  • Access to online coaching every day
  • Always have the option to extend
  • 14 day money back guarantee

€3,04 per week
TOTAL €36,49*

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Tame the Hamster

24 weeks

The ‘Tame the Hamster’ in your brain subscription helps you convert new routines into a permanent lifestyle in six months.

  • One daily exercise
  • Access to online coaching every day
  • Always have the option to extend
  • 14 day money back guarantee

€2,27 per week
TOTAL €54,49* (your discount is 25%)

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* Prices are including 21% VAT

An online routine
perfected by your predecessors


“As a nutritional advisor and weight consultant, I am very impressed by your fantastic book. I use your method to guide my clients in achieving a healthy weight and diet!”


“Important information described in a fun and understandable way.”


“Finally a method that makes permanent weight loss possible!”

The program

Become aware of the influence your brain has on your weight.

Our brain controls and monitors the energy balance in our body. By getting grip on the interplay between different parts of your brain, you will be able to reach and maintain a desired weight sustainably.

Change comes in small steps

It may well be that you will not see much results in the form of weight loss in the first 4 weeks. Nevertheless, even then, plenty has happened in becoming aware of and learning new, desirable habits through small steps.

Permanent fit is not always easy

Also with this method, you will encounter difficult moments. But if you are going to strive for a sustainable lower weight, do it in a way that has a chance, such as with this method.

Daily motivation, personally tailored

Throughout the entire process, we will be on standby to answer all your questions or comments as quickly as possible. For the program, we ask for health-related information, such as weight, height, and BMI.

This data is only used to give you insight into your progress. ‘What happens in Haus of Hamster, stays in Haus of Hamster‘. Also, view our privacy conditions.

Boek Hamster in je Brein

English version

coming soon

'You should read this
before you start a diet (ever)!'

The Hamster in your Brain describes the method for sustainable weight loss.

“We think it is important to describe the topic of weight loss without making anyone feel guilty or ashamed.”