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The Hamster in Your Brain


The Prefrontal Cortex

Suppose you have decided to lose weight; how did you actually reach this decision? The answer is that you reflected upon it and then made a decision with your prefrontal cortex. Where to find it? Slap your flat hand, thumb up, against your brow, and you will have covered a large part of your conscious mind.

The Limbic System

Now, how are you coerced into doing something? And when do you do what the hypothalamus wants you to do, and when do you rather listen to the prefrontal cortex?

The Hypothalamus

Meet the hypothalamus, the hamster in your brain. A minuscule part of the brain, about as big as a sugar cube, in terms of calories. Although it is very tiny – less than one percent of the total brain volume -, it has enormous potential.