Boek Hamster in je Brein

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A proven method to really lose weight and maintain it. Developed by doctors. Available in an online program.

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  • Receive a practical exercise every day
  • Get motivations with context via email or WhatsApp
  • Choose a period of 12 or 24 weeks

This online program helps you gradually gain control over your weight. Through the daily small exercises of the program, you increase your awareness of your own behavior around, for example, eating, exercising, sleeping, and relaxing. In the longer term, this helps to achieve slow but lasting weight loss.

A hamster in your brain?
What's the matter?

The ‘hamster’ in your brain represents the small, but important and ancient part of our brain; the hypothalamus.

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The method is Developed by two doctors

Why is it so difficult to maintain your weight after a short, sometimes successful weight loss attempt? With a combined 31 years of experience in science on this subject, we wanted to make the world a lot healthier, through awareness and behavioral change. After reading our book, or after participating in our online program, you will know very well what and why something happens and what you can do to deal with it.

Feel healthy, without guilt or shame

We believe it is important to describe the topic of weight loss without making anyone feel guilty or ashamed. We don’t deny that losing weight and then keeping it down is incredibly difficult. If it were an easy process, the demand for solutions would of course never have been so great. But that doesn’t mean we have to just resign ourselves to it because there’s nothing, we can do about it. Only if you are going to try, go for a method where you have a chance. We offer you that opportunity through Haus of Hamster.

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